Solite Specifications & Performance

Solitile SL3500 access floor system

Module Set:
Manufacturer: Netfloor, Inc.
Module size: 600 mm x 600 mm
Access panel thickness: 35 mm
System Height: 150 mm (6") ~ 600 mm (24")
Access panel contents: high density mineral concrete core panel reinforced by
embedded steel wire mesh inside the panel core.
Monolithic: pattern and color are monolithic through whole
panel core
Surface: polished, honed, brush.
Durability: condensification treatment, hardness meets Mohs 5~7
Application: Indoor and outdoor.
Understructures: full-steel supporting pedestal and stringer
systems to support the access panels, providing fully accessible and concealed installation.
Loading and safety performance
Concentration load: 1250LB grade (test in accordance with CISCA)
Concentration ultimate load: safety factor greater than 1.4 times
Fire rating: non-combustible, meets ASTM E84 class A, meets BS: 476 Part 4.
Heat Transference resistance: deferred heat-transmission in-between access floor cavity
open space above the access floor.
In pursuing continuous product improvement, the manufacturer reserves the rights to vary specifications without prior notice.
Warranty 5 years limited warranty.