FreeMount Specifications & Performance

Netfloor FreeMount FM500

Module Set
500 mm x 500 mm
System height: 75 mm ~ 200 mm
System weight: avg. 36 ~ 38 kg / per sq. meter
Loading property
System Concentration load Concentrate ultimate load Uniform load
FM500-3000 3.0 kN < 2.5 mm depression > 6.0 kN 12 kN / m2
FM500-4500 (Special Run) 4.5 kN < 2.5 mm depression > 9.0 kN
20 kN / m2
Super Low-Profile: 40 mm ~ 60 mm (1.57 ) height adjustable ~2.36
Low-Profile: 76 mm (3 ~ 150 mm (6 height adjustable )
Main Components
FM501 access panel:
size 500 mm x 500 mm, thickness 28 mm, Welded form full steel, top plate 0.6 mm thickness, bottom plate 0.6 mm thickness, corrosion resistance treatment by powder-coating. 4 mm radius notch at angles of the panel.

FM502 outlet panel:
size 500 mm x 500 mm, thickness 28 mm, with 23 mm x 26 mm opening at two sides. Welded form steel cementitious access panel, corrosion resistance treatment by powder coating. 4
mm radius notch at angles of the panel. For office and school application, standard composition of access panels is 9 x FM501 plus 1 x FM502, i.e. one piece FM502 for 2.5 sq. meters.

to conceal openings at 2-sides of FM-502, and as exit for cables extension from access floors. Made of re-enforced polycarbonate plus ABS. Each FM-lid shall be capable to exit five 5 mm diameter data wires, or two 7 mm diameter power cable.

FM-Pedestal: consists of headset and column-set.

headset: aluminum headset for corner-locking by access panels . Rubber-pad at top, and 6 mm hollow hexagon socket-set-screw embedded at upper inside.

column-set: 16 mm diameter special steel stud, by 5 mm hexagon notch at top of the column. 11 mm height half cone-shape plastics at bottom, holding by flat-head screw which locking onto steel stud at bottom.

FR-pedestal: for perimeters installation, and as supporter under access panel, composed of flat-top aluminum head-set and steel column-set.
Height adjustment
by using 5 mm hexagon key wrench to adjust from top.
System fastening

by using 6 mm hexagon key wrench to fasten socket-set-screw onto column-set mechanically from top.
Utility floor box, PVC trim to seal cutting panel, fastening screw, and all accessories shall be supplied by the manufacturer or approved equivalent.
The system shall be light-weight, non-glue to sub-floors, fastening and height adjusting above the access floors, and be suitable to install on all type hard or resilient sub-floors such as
concrete slab, PVC tile, sheet vinyl, granite, marble, ceramic
tile, and etc.
Environment Protection
The system shall be non-glue installation, non-pollution to sub-floors. In the event of re-location, the system shall be 100% re-usable, and no pollution, no damage to original sub-floor.
Floor covering
Floor coverings shall be commercial rate modular carpet tile, or commercial rate vinyl tile thickness not less than 4.5 mm.
Warranty 5 years limited warranty.