Actile Specifications & Performance

Type of flooring: anti-static vinyl tile
Dimension:600 mm x 600 mm x 5.0 mm
Color: 7 standard colors
Special run color: minimum 500 sq. meters
Packing: 8 pieces per box
Color variation: Colors may vary due to different production lot

 Total thickness:


 Anti-static vinyl wear layer


Multi-layer vinyl backing


Total weight per sq. meter:



Surface resistivity:

10^6 ~ 10^9 ohms

(ASTM D257)

Electrostatic propensity:

less than 0.6 kv

(AATCC 134-01)

Fire index:

class 1

(NFPA 253 / ASTM E-648)

Dimension stability:

< 0.15%

(Aachen Dimensional Stability Evaluation)

Taber wear test:

less than 0.007 mm loss

(500 cycles - ASTM D4060)

Chemical resistance:

no change

(24 hours ratings ASTM F925-02)

Static Load:

< 2.0% compression

(ASTM F970-00 static load limit 125 LB)

Color fastness to light:

no change - rating 5

 (AATCC 16-03 color fastness to light)

  • To maintain anti-static property, do not apply oil-base wax.
  • Sand and alien materials should be removed. Keeping floor clean is necessary in order to maintain steady anti-static property.
  • Clean contaminated floor surface by mild detergent. Detergent shall be removed, wiped with wet mop. Rinse at least twice with clean water.


Quality Assurance
Warranty: 2 years limited warranty.
Product improvement:
In order to pursue product improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without
prior notice.
China: Utility Model No. 200320124457.0
Taiwan: Invention Patent No. M247627
world-wide patent pending