ECO Specifications & Performance

System CA-700R CA-600R CA-500R CA-400R
Height 70 mm (2.76") 60 mm (2.36") 50 mm (1.97") 40 mm (1.57")
Cable Trench
90 mm (3.54") 90 mm (3.54") 90 mm (3.54") 90 mm (3.54")
Cable Trench
61 mm (2.40") 51 mm (2.00") 41 mm (1.61") 31 mm (1.22")
System Weight 15 kg/m2 (3.08 lbs/sq.ft) 14 kg/m2 (2.86 lbs/sq.ft) 13.25 kg/m2 (2.71 lbs/sq.ft) 12.5 kg/m2 (2.56 lbs/sq.ft)
Main Components:
UniPanel: made of fire retard, recycled polypropylene
CA711R: size 510
x 510 x 70 mm (20.08" x 20.08" x 2.76")
CA611R: size 510 x 510 x 60 mm (20.08" x 20.08" x 2.36")
CA511R: size 510 x 510 x 50 mm (20.08" x 20.08" x 1.97")
CA411R: size 510 x 510 x 40 mm (20.08" x 20.08" x 1.57")
Base Connector:
    Size 169 mm X 169 mm X 15 mm (6.65" X 6.65" X 0.59")
    Made of recycled polycarbonate plus ABS
Central Cap: Size 150 mm X 150 mm (5.91" X 5.91")
    2.3 mm (0.09") thick steel, re-enforced ribs
    corrosion resistance treatment by electro-deposition
Flank Cap: Size 223 mm X 120 mm (8.78" X 4.72")
    2.3 mm (0.09") thick steel, re-enforced ribs
    corrosion resistance treatment by electro-deposition.
Sound Attenuation Blanket: 2.0 mm (0.08") thickness IXPE

Ramp, Starting Cap, Edge Rail, Alum. Ramp Rail, Alum. Free
Standing, Exit-Cap, Edge Trimmer, etc., to support quick and
efficient installation at perimeters.

Surface floor covering: on top of ECO series
Commercial carpet tile: such as Milliken, Interface,
Burmatex, …
Commercial rate vinyl tile: thickness > 4.5 mm
Hard floorings such as marble, granite, wood, are not suitable
for installation on top of ECO series system.
Fire Retard
UniPanel: Meets NFPA 253 class A rating as tests in
accordance with ASTM E-648 Critical Radiant Flux.
Meets BS 476, Part 7, B2

Concentration Load:
Test in accordance with CISCA 1” indenter at
midpoint of edge (weakest point) of sub-panel,      
and caps, and at 2.5 mm (0.1”) depression

UniPanel CA
711R: greater than 450 psi  
UniPanel CA611R: greater than 450 psi       
UniPanel CA511R: greater than 400 psi                
UniPanel CA411R: greater than 400 psi  
Central Cap:           greater than 650 psi                 
Flank Cap:              greater than 650 psi 
Concentrate Ultimate Load of UniPanels:       
greater than 500 psi                                      
Concentrate Ultimate Load of Caps:              
greater than 1300 psi

Uniform Distribution Load:

at 1.5 mm (0.06”) deflection: All systems: CA700R /CA600R / CA500R / CA400R: greater than 500 psf (on 600X600 mm module)
Uniform Ultimate Load:
All systems CA600R / CA500R / CA400R:
2000 psf undamaged (on 600X600mm module)

Warranty: 10 years warranty (except when product is subject to abuse, negligence, abnormal use and not in compliance with Netfloor's installation instruction).

In pursuing continuous quality improvement, the manufacturer reserves the rights to update specifications without prior notice.

NETFLOOR is a global trademark, and has been registered in more than 40 countries.

Patent granted - USA: Invention Patent No. 5.630.300 Japan: Utility Model No. 3032638 U.K. Invention Patent No. 2309042 Australia: Invention Patent No. 679415 France: Invention Patent No. 97 99 255 China: Utility Model No. ZL 02 2 91689X Taiwan: Invention Patent No. 127700 patent pending: all other industrial nations

Main Components



Central Cap

Central Cap

Thickness: 2.3 mm
Size: 150X150mm
Base Connector

Base Connector

Size: 169X169mm
Flank Cap

Flank Cap

Thickness: 2.3 mm
Size: 223X 120 mm
Sound Attenuation

Sound Attenuation

2 mm thick PE foam 1 meter width

Accessories and Floor boxes

Free Standing

Free Standing

AD721: 70mm high
AD621: 60mm high
AD521: 50mm high
CA421: 40mm high
Ramp Rail

Ramp Rail



Ramp: 100 mm (4.0”) W
AD725: 70 mm H
AD625: 60 mm H
AD525: 50 mm H
CA425: 40 mm H
Cable Influx

Cable Influx

Cable Influx A, B, C
FFH : 40, 50, 60, 70 mm
Clearance width : 281mm
Starting Cap

Starting Cap

CA428 to conceal gap at beginning of Cable Trenches
Edge Rail

Edge Rail

Edge Rail for perimeter installation at residual less than 120mm(4.72”),without cutting UniPanel
W-Type ramp

W-Type ramp

W-type 24” (609 mm) wide ramp system at 1:12 and 1:20 ratio
40 mm H: CA425W-480 (480 mm L) / CA425W-800 (800 mm L)
60 mm H: CA625W-720 (720 mm L) / CA625W-1200 (1200 mm L)
70 mm H: CA725W-840 (840mm L) / CA725W-1400 (1400mm L)
lid: Steel floorbox

lid: Steel

SE603 H:60mm
SE403 H:40mm
1 duplex power receptacle, 3 data jacks faceplates
lid: Stainless steel floorbox

lid: Stainless steel

SS603 H:60mm
SS403 H:40mm
lid: stainless steel
2 power,and 3 data jacks faceplates
lid: Stainless steel floorbox

lid: Stainless steel

SS60 H:60mm
4 power,and 6 data jacks faceplates
Exit-Cap & Grommet

Exit-Cap & Grommet

CA613D6 & AD-518
Exit-cap is same size as Flank
Cap, with 60 mm opening