AIcore Specifications & Performance

Alcore® Access Flooring System

Module Set:
Manufacturer: Netfloor, Inc.
Module size: 600 mm x 600 mm
System Height: 150 mm (6") ~ 600 mm (24")
System Description
Systems Concentration Load Concentrate Ultimate Load
AL3000 1000LB(< 2.5mm depression) 2000LB
Main Components:

Access panel: fiber-cement core, bottom bonded and supported by galvanized steel sheet, four sides bonded by vinyl stripe.

  • Size: 600mm x 600mm
  • Thinckness: 30mm
  • Bottom: galvanized steel sheet, thickness 0.5 mm
  • PVC stripes bonded at four sides


Understructure: consists of adjustable pedestal and stringer

Pedestal Headset: Steel plate, plastics divider on top, corrosion resistance by zinc plating no
less than 5 micron
Pedestal column and base plate: Full steel, corrosion protection by zinc plating, no less than 5
micron. Pedestal column diameter no less than M16. Base plate size no less than 100 mm x 100 mm.
Stringer: Electro galvanized steel, top bonded with vinyl stripe.
Stringer is optional when FFH lower than 300 mm height. Stringer shall be used when FFH greater than 300 mm
Non-combustible, meet BS476, part 4 Heat Transmission Control: Bottom surface of the access panel exposure to temperature 850˚C for 10 minutes shall not transmit to the top surface temperature more than 50˚C.
Floor Coverings
The system is suitable bonded by all commercial rate floorings including carpet tile, vinyl tiles, porcelain tiles, engineered wood and bamboo tiles
Accessories: cutout panel, outlet box, boarder components to support quick and efficient installation.
Warranty 5 years limited warranty.