This specifications section is incorporated to assist design professionals in the preparation of project.

May we remind that design concept of Netfloor systems are different from the conventional raised access floors. Some of the standards, which are using for the traditional raised floor, may not be appropriate to apply on Netfloors. Most of the frequently asked questions, why Netfloor systems are better solutions for office environment and how Netfloors are varied from the traditional raised floor, have been answered at the FAQ section. If there are any further queries, please contact us at email or call the Netfloor area distributors.

To comply your project requirements, the narrative contents may be modified as necessary and delete items that are not applicable. As to the testing data and AutoCAD details, such as loading property, components
dimension, size, weight and etc., are not supposed to be modified.



The Low-Profile Cable Management Access Floor systems include:
ECO series, Camass series, and CamassCrete series.

Why Low-Profile?

What are the advantages and benefits? Why Netfloor Low-Profile systems are better solution for office environment?

What is main components and system for Low-Profile floor systems?

Our Low-Profile floor systems are composed of four main components:
UniPanel (main Panel), Base Connector, Central Cap, Flank Cap.
Grid-Pattern cable trench system : cable trench are formed automatically while installing Base Connectors and UniPanels, the 90 mm width cable trench surrounding every 600 mm X 600 module facilitates future move, additions and changes.

Are Netfloor Low-Profile systems LEED Compliance?

Yes, Netfloor Low-Profile systems are LEED compliance.
The systems can maximize your Green Building application LEED Credit Points.
Please refer to Appendix 2 : Maximize your LEED credit point

Can Netfloor Cable Management Floor Systems cope with uneven sub-floors? Why not install in total leveling?

Are the Main Panels (UniPanel) and Cable Trenches fully interchangeable?

Netfloor systems main panel (UniPanel) and Steel Caps (Flank Cap, Central Cap) are identical size and fully interchangeable.

In case of re-location, are Netfloors re-useable? How is the cost?

In case of re-location, more than 95% of Netfloor components are re-usable.
Total re-location, labor and transportation costs of Netfloor Systems are generally 1/3 less costs comparing tothe conventional raised access floors.

How do you deal with perimeters?

Generally cutting panels on site to suit perimeter details and fill residual gaps by standard accessories. All UniPanel (main panel) of Netfloor systems are self-standing. No need for lateral support from the walls.

Which standard are Netfloor systems conform to?

Are Netfloor Low-Profile systems fire resistant?

There are different norms of fire resistance codes between countries.
Same as all other access floor systems, Netfloor Low-Profile systems are not considered as a permanent barrier that can protect the space above from fire. Netfloor systems are fire resistant and have met the fire resistant codes according to each different country or city fire codes.

What safety criteria do Netfloor systems have met in case of fire?

Netfloor ECO series meet NFPA E-253 class A and BS476 Part 7, B2
Netfloor Camass and CamassCrete are rated as non-combustible. Meet BS476, Part 4, ASTM E-84 class 1.
In addition to the general office areas, Camass and CamassCrete series are suitable to use at the corridor, aisle, high-rise office building with or without sprinkler, or public areas of three hour fire rating.

Please refer to Appendix 4 : Fire Retard

How do you cope with static? In which cases an anti-static raised floor is advisable?

Human walking, computers, and other electronic equipment may generate electrostatic charges, which may produce electric charges on peoples. In modern office environments, it must be said that most of the finish materials available in the market are statistics resistant. All commercial carpet tiles are statistics resistant and suitable for office environments.
Netfloor Systems are installed under the carpet tiles, no direct contact and abrasion to the traffic. So, in general office occasion, Netfloor Systems are not advisable to be anti-static. However, in highly condense computerized office and school, anti-static rated carpet tile shall be used as surface floors.

Earthing is required for Netfloor Low-Profile system?

a. Netfloor CamassCrete, ECO series do not need earthing.
b. Netfloor Camass series:
UniPanel (main panel) of Camass series is made of galvanized steel. The system needs grounding but does not need overall grounding. Grounding shall be made at the UniPanel (main panel), which has directly connected to the electric floor box or power exit.

What type of floor-coverings suitable for Netfloor Low-Profile systems?

Commercial rate carpet tile is standard floor-coverings on top of Netfloor Low-Profile Cable Management Systems.
If PVC tile or commercial rate vinyl tile required to be installed, it shall be commercial rate and more than 4.0 mm (0.16") thickness.

Can Ceramic tile, marble or wood floor installed over Netfloor Low-Profile Cable Management systems?

Hard floorings such marble, granite, wood are not suitable for installation on top of Netfloor Low-Profile.
To meet the requirements, HP3000 system could achieve successfully such requirement.
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