Actile Specifications & Performance


Type of flooring: commercial grade vinyl floor tile Actile AT series and Actile MT series
Dimension:600 mm x 600 mm x 5.0 mm (size 24” x 24” by special run)
AT series MT series
Total thickness 1000LB(< 2.5mm depression) 2500LB
Anti-static vinyl wear layer 5.0 mm 5.0 mm
Transparency pure PVC wear layer 1.0 mm -
Multi-layer vinyl backing - 0.5 mm
Glass fiber reinforcement back yes yes
Total weight per sq. meter 9.2 kg 9.2 kg
Performance AT series MT series Method
Electrostatic propensity less than 0.6 kv less than 2.0 kv apply anti-static wax) AATCC 134-01
Fire resistance index class 1 class 1 NFPA 253 / ASTM E-648
Dimension stability < 0.15% < 0.07% ASTM F2199
Anti-slip (coefficient of friction) - < 0.99 (dry)
< 0.78 (wet)
ASTM D2074
Taber wear test < 0.007 mm loss 500 cycles 12,500 cycle ASTM D4060
Chemical resistance no change no change 24 hours ratings ASTM F925-02
Static Load < 2.0% compression < 1.5% compression ASTM F970-00
Color fastness to light no change - rating 5 slight change - rating 4 AATCC 16-03
Standard colors 4 3 -
Special run color minimum 500 sq. meters (5,380 sq. feet) -
Packing 8 pieces per box 8 pieces per box -
Color variation Colors may vary due to different production lot -

 AT series: to maintain anti-static property, do not apply oil-base wax.

  • MT series: anti-static wax shall be applied at areas where electrostatic propensity <2.0 kv is required.

  • Sand and alien materials should be removed. They may cause damage.Keeping floor clean is necessary in order to maintain steady anti-static property.

  • General clean by damp mop only. In case of badly contaminated spots, apply diluted mild detergent only at the contaminated spots, and brush. The contaminated spots can be cleaned easily. The detergent should be removed by damped mop at least twice.

  • Waxing: AT series: use water-base emulsion wax only. Waxing after floor clean and dry. MT series: use anti-static wax. Wax after floor clean and dry. 

Quality Assurance
Warranty: 2 years limited warranty.
In order to pursue product improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without
prior notice.